Zach Lavine’s Vertical Is An Incredible 46″ – What Is Yours?

As of 2017, Zach Lavine officially has the highest vertical of all active NBA players.  In fact, his 46 inch vertical leap is one of the highest that the NBA has ever seen.  Zach has been able to mesmerize the crowds with his unique and creative dunks in the Slam Dunk Contests that he has participated in.  Having the ability to jump high not only helps you dunk but it expands your game in many other areas as well.  Being able to jump over a 7 footer to grab a rebound or timing your jump just right to block that shot at a critical point in the game can pay big dividends for your team.  Not everyone is blessed with being able to jump out of the gym.  Some of us have to work really hard to increase their vertical jump.  The good news is it doesn’t matter where you currently are, if you implement the right training and workout routines you can significantly increase your vertical as well.  Will you be clearing 46 inches on your jump like Zach Lavine?  I doubt it, but you can get high enough to easily dunk and impress your friends.

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A Little Background On Zach Lavine

Zach Lavine was born and grew up in Renton, Washington on March 10th, 1995.  The Lavine family has always been very athletic, Zach’s father Paul Lavine made it all the way to the NFL and played football as a professional.  Along with this his mother played a lot of softball when Zach was growing up.  Zach began playing basketball at a very young age.  The movie Space Jam, starring Michael Jordan, got Zach interested in playing basketball at the age of five.  Throughout high school Zach Lavine tried to mimic the game of Kobe Bryant who was his favorite player.

Zach had a lot of success in his high school basketball playing days.  He attended Bothell High School in his home state of Washington were he averaged more than 28 points per game his senior year and was named Washington’s Mr. Basketball.  One of the things that made Zach successful was his tremendous work ethic.  He would spend hours everyday shooting 3’s and practicing dunks at the court in his backyard.  His junior year of high school Zach hit a growth spurt and was measured at 6 feet 3 inches tall.  This helped him lift his game to another level.  Zach was one of the nations top recruits leaving high school and entering into college.

In 2013, Zach Lavine left for college and decided to attend UCLA which was one of his father’s favorite schools.  Zach Lavine came off the bench for the UCLA Bruins and was a very strong sixth man.  His 3 point shooting, athletic ability and incredible dunks quickly got the attention of NBA scouts.  However, his freshman year on the court was not without its struggles.  Zach went through a rough shooting slump that year where he made only 7 out of 36 attempts from behind the arc.  Even with this poor shooting streak, Zach was able to make 48 3 pointers his freshman year which is second all-time in UCLA’s history for a freshman.  Apparently the NBA scouts saw past his struggles and he was considered one of the top picks for the NBA.  Upon discovering this, Zach entered the NBA draft and was chosen by the Timberwolves as the 13th pick.

His rookie season was a good one for Zach Lavine.  He originally was brought on as a solid backup point guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves.  However, Ricky Rubio and Mo Williams suffered injuries during the 2015 season which gave Zach the opportunity he needed to showcase his skills.  He started in 40 out of the 82 games and averaged 10 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists per game.  His season high was 28 points against the Los Angeles Clippers leading the Timberwolves to a one point victory.  As stated earlier, Zach Lavine was the star of the All Star weekend by winning the Slam Dunk contest 2 years in a row barely nudging out fellow dunker Aaron Gordon in an incredible display of athletic talent.


Zach Lavine Vertical Workout Routine

Zach Lavine has been training extensively in the off season at P3 Sport Science to increase his explosiveness, agility and vertical leap.  He was even nice enough to post some of his workouts that he has been doing on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.  Below we have included a video of Zach Lavine vertical workout routine and how you can start to implement the same type of training to take your game and jumping ability to the next level.

What We Recommend To Improve Your Vertical Jump Quickly

We realize that not everyone has the money or ability to attend the P3 facility to work on your vertical.  The good news is there is a very effective and much more affordable option and that is The Jump Manual.  If you want to increase your vertical jump as fast as possible you need to do yourself a favor and head over to and check out The Jump Manual.  This vertical jump program has proven itself time and time again and has produced great results for the people who apply it.  However, it does take work.  There is no magic pill that is going to make you jump higher.  You need to get to the gym and put the work in and you WILL see results with the Jump Manual program.



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