Aaron Gordon Vertical Leap Is 39 Inches – Check It Out!

Ever since Aaron Gordon entered the NBA in 2014 he has been wowing the crowds with his incredible hops.  At 39 inches, Aaron Gordon vertical is one of the best in the league.  At the 2014 NBA combine he tied Glen Robinson III for the second highest vertical and finished just behind Nick Johnson who scored a 41.5.  When attempting to test his max vertical he easily swiped away the highest stick on the chart which forced the staff to place the sticks on risers to get an accurate reading.

Aaron Gordon has had a little bit of success in the NBA so far.  However, his career is just getting started.  Unfortunately, during his rookie year he missed more than 30 games due to a fractured bone in his foot.  Because of his talent for jumping, Aaron was invited to participate in the 2016 NBA Slam Dunk contest where he put on a show for the ages.  He had a tough battle against Zach Lavine and both of them put on a stellar dunking show throughout the competition.  Zach managed to squeak by with the win but honestly, it could have easily gone either way.  If two participants ever deserved the trophy it was that year.  Below we have included a video that shows some of the best Aaron Gordon dunks from the 2016 Slam Dunk Contest.


The Best 10 Aaron Gordon Dunks Of His Career


A Little More Info On Aaron Gordon

To give us some more insight into the life of Aaron Gordon we are going to do a quick summary here.  He was born in California on September 16, 1995.  Basketball talent seemed to run in his family because his dad, Ed Gordon, played for San Diego State.  Aaron has an older brother, Drew Gordon, who plays professional basketball as well.  As if that was not enough, Aaron’s older sister is very good at basketball and played for the Harvard women’s basketball team all four of her college years from 2010 to 2014.

Growing up Aaron practiced track and field and was one of the fastest in the country.  In fact, when he was eight years old, Aaron was selected to participate in the Junior Olympics but instead decided not to compete because he wanted to play in a basketball tournament.  Honestly, it was probably all of those sprints that helped Aaron gain such an impressive vertical leap.  Sprinting really helps to build your fast twitch muscle fibers which are needed to perform explosive movements like jumping high.

Aaron attended Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose and was able to play at the varsity level all four years of his high school career.  It was a successful career there winning two state titles and leading his school to the championship game his senior year.  His junior and senior years Aaron averaged 22 points per game and was selected as Mr. Basketball of California joining big NBA names like Tyson Chandler and Jason Kidd who were able to do the same.  That is pretty good company to be associated with.

Aaron was selected to play in the McDonald’s All American game.  He scored 24 points and led his team to a victory for the West in which he was named the MVP of the game.  Aaron’s college career was short lived.  He only played one year for the Arizona Wildcats.  He averaged 12 points and 8 rebounds per game and was named the Pac12 Freshman of the Year.  The following summer Aaron Gordon entered the NBA draft and was selected by the Orlando Magic as the fourth overall pick.  Aaron’s career in the NBA is still young but he has shown a lot of promise.  Such as the time he scored a career high 33 points against the Los Angeles Clippers.  Aaron is a solid player and should be in the league for quite some time.  We look forward to watching his high flying dunks and vertical leap as the years go by.



Improve Your Vertical Leap By Implementing These 3 Components

Everyone wants to be able to jump higher.  No matter what sport you play it will help improve your game.  Basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, tennis or any other sport, increasing your vertical will give you an advantage over your competition.  We teamed up with a popular trainer for team USA basketball and designed three separate areas to focus on to help you make gains on your hops.  Plug these into your workout routines and you will start to see a difference.

You need to make sure you cover each aspect of training such as flexibility, strength, and explosive power to achieve the best results.  Our first recommended exercise will cover flexibility.


Flexibility:  Loosen Up Your Hip Flexors

Most of the time the hip flexors get ignored by athletes.  This causes them to become tight.  It doesn’t help that most of the time we are sitting down on the couch, in chairs and in the car.  This makes matters worse.  Tight hip flexors can hinder your vertical jump by making your glutes tight which in turn will make your hamstrings have to do twice as much work.  Also, when your hamstrings have to work harder this can lead to injury.  Just remember that poor hip flexibility equals a lower vertical jump.

It’s fairly easy to rectify this situation, all it takes are a few stretches that focus on the hip flexors done CONSISTENTLY each time you workout (at least 3 times per week).  There are many different variations one can do to stretch out his or her hip flexors.  I recommend simply heading over to Youtube and checking out the dozens of training videos that will show you how to properly stretch this area of your body.


Strength:  It’s Time To Deadlift

Deadlifts are one of the best overall exercises you can do for your body.  It incorporates so many muscle groups that it is almost a full body workout in itself.  Squats are another really good exercise that uses multiple muscle groups.  It’s pretty simple, if you want to be able to dunk you need to be able to exert enough force to get you body in the air and complete the task.  The jumping motion uses the posterior chain to get your body up in the air.  The exercise that best targets the posterior chain is the deadlift.

There are many variations to the deadlift such as the straight bar and the trap bar.  Of these two we recommend the trap bar.  Once you get really good at performing the exercise off the ground, you should move to a slightly elevated platform so you can get a bit lower and stretch the posterior chain even more.  A small 3 to 5 inch platform will do the job perfectly.  Incorporate dead lifts into your routine to gain more power in your jump.

Explosiveness:  One Arm Snatches

If you want power, you need to emulate the most powerful athletes such as Olympic lifters.  If you are trying to get a rebound you not only need to have good timing but you need to have explosiveness.  Olympic lifts will help you develop this.  The Olympic exercise that most corresponds to the vertical jump would be the one arm snatch.  Lucky for us it is also one of the easiest to learn.  The one thing that most people make a mistake on when starting the exercise is trying to go too heavy.  Remember we are trying to do an Olympic lift quickly and explosively.  Speed is the key and you can’t do this exercise quickly if the weight is too heavy.  Focus on speed and moving the weight up quickly with a violent pulling shrug motion.  This should work the muscles in your back and your core really well.

Simply incorporating these three areas in your workout will do wonders for your vertical jump.  However, if you would prefer to have a more in depth vertical jump workout routine we recommend heading over to http://40inchvertical.net and checking out The Jump Manual.  The Jump Manual is a 12 week program that will have you jumping 8-12 inches higher with their routines.  It does require work and you need to stick with it but if you do you will be happy with the results.  We guarantee it.  Actually, Jacob Hillar guarantees it.  He will give you a full refund if you are not happy with his program.  Head over there and let us know your results.





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